Mutalk Leakage Voice Suppression Microphone Review: Niche and Cringeworthy

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Hanging product photos draw you in, don’t they? Even once you’re unsure what the doohickey is, or does, you realize you need it, or on the very least need to find out about it. The Mutalk actually has hanging product photos—however not in a great way.

Shiftall’s creation is a “Bluetooth mic that isolates your voice, making it troublesome for others to listen to,” however the model promo pics supply equal components bafflement and amusement. A guffaw adopted by, “Is it a conveyable Monsters, Inc. Scream Extractor?” is, we’d wager, not the primary impression Shiftall’s advertising and marketing group are after.

However we’re professionals at WIRED, and the Bluetooth isolating microphone gimp masks is a brand new class for us. So let’s strap it on, get to work, and pray to Marsellus Wallace that nobody sees us.

Designed for discreet conversations in public locations, shy individuals, ebullient players, and shouty bosses, the Mutalk supposedly gives a easy resolution to a standard concern. However does it work, does it must work, and can it make a distinction to your property, workplace, and distant working existence? And can anybody ever communicate to you once more as soon as they know you utilize it?

How Does It Work?

Wanting like some type of fever dream techno horse bridle, the sound-suppressing Mutalk straps on to your head for extended conversations.


The Mutalk “makes use of the Helmholtz resonator precept” to attain a sound muting impact when the consumer talks into it. This precept offers with the switch of acoustic resonance via completely different supplies, the principle instance of which is blowing throughout the highest of a bottle with completely different quantities of liquid inside—however the precept has additionally, extra virtually, been utilized in automobile mufflers to change the pitch and cut back exhaust noise.

That description undermines Hermann von Helmholtz’s legacy, however, basically, once you speak into the Multalk mouthpiece, your phrases transmit clearly to the Bluetooth microphone however are muffled for anybody listening shut by.

To make use of, you merely join the 183-gram masks to your telephone’s Bluetooth, the identical manner you’d a pair of headphones. There’s a 3.5-mm headphone socket for hands-free conversations, though the Venn diagram for individuals ready to spend money on conversation-muting Bluetooth microphones and people nonetheless utilizing wired headphones is fairly small.

By way of options, it’s all relatively easy. There’s no fancy frequency tweaking app. It makes use of Bluetooth 5.1, and has USB-C charging (one hour) and an eight-hour battery life. It’s additionally unimaginable to disregard the detachable head straps, moisture-absorbing cushion, and washable rubber mouth pad. Washable. Rubber. Mouth. Pad.

What Are You Carrying?

Shiftall’s system does decrease the sound of your voice considerably for workplace video conferences however you’ll doubtless expertise “emotions of self-consciousness”, in response to our reviewer.


As a person ready to put on the Dyson Zone in public, I didn’t suppose wearable tech may get any extra embarrassing, however how incorrect I used to be. Carrying the Mutalk was hysterically humorous for my work colleagues, disturbing to kids, and “utterly unacceptable” for my spouse.

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